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normally 799.00
Save $399.50 (50%)*
Transform your school district into a highly productive and profitable system.
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normally 399.00
Save $199.50 (50%)*
Get insights into your absences and engage substitutes better than ever before.
  • Everything in Micro, and:
  • + 2-5 Schools or Divisions
  • + School Account Controls
  • +Analytics Dashboard
  • + Shared Calendar
  • + Paperless Approvals
  • + Absence Analyzer
  • + Audit Logs
  • + Preference Lists
  • + Engagement Tracking
  • + Internal Coverage Tracking
  • + Substitute Tracking
  • + Jobs Worked Report
  • + Announcements
  • + Customer Success Manager
  • + Priority Support
  • See all features...
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normally 299.00
Save $149.50 (50%)*
Find, communicate, schedule, and manage substitutes with ease.
  • + 1 School
  • + Absence Reporting
  • + Substitute Job Notifications
  • + Email/Mobile Confirmations
  • + Absence Insights
  • + Real Time Reports
  • + Daily Absence Report
  • + Monthly Absence Reports
  • + Payroll Reports
  • + Search Available Substitutes
  • + CSV Exports
  • + Leave Tracking
  • + Substitute Tracking
  • + Events Calendar
  • + IOS & Android Apps
  • + Email Support
  • See all features...
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My 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: No Risks, No Obligations, & No Questions Asked

That’s right! If you’re not happy with Subzz, you can ask for a refund within 60 days, and I’ll happily return 100% of your money. No hidden terms or conditions. Period.

Wondering why I am offering such a generous money back guarantee?

Because Subzz works. It’s as simple as that.

You see, this isn’t our first rodeo –900+ schools have tried, tested, and loved Subzz for a good 5 years and counting. They continue to use Subzz to eliminate administrative inefficiencies, find the right substitutes, and schedule them to fill-in with ease.

My money back guarantee is merely an extension of our core business principle–to be a critical success partner for small and medium-size schools and districts.

So, purchase Subzz for your school or district, and if you feel that Subzz falls short of delivering its promises – that it doesn’t save you time and streamline your substitute management process – then I’ll refund 100% of your money. This guarantee is valid for not 1 day; not 1 month; but for an unbelievable 60-day period.

During this time, it’s my firm belief that you will find Subzz to be a gamechanger for your school.

Thanks, and I hope we get to be a part of your transformational story soon!


Rafael Richardson
Founder and CEO, SUBZZ