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Subzz Substitute Management APP Features

  • Substitute Scheduling
  • Leave Management
  • Teacher Absence Management
  • Teacher Login
  • View Available Jobs
  • Instant Alerts
  • Book Jobs
  • Reports
  • Substitute Management
  • Administrator Login
  • Push Notifications
  • Substitute Login

Single app for all user-types :
Teachers, Substitutes & Administrators

Teachers can post absences and request substitutes, substitutes can view and accept available jobs, principals and admins can view reports&schedule employee absences etc. using the same app. We have incorporated many of the most popular features of the web application into the mobile app to help make life easier.

Most used Subzz features in your user’s finger-tips

With the all-in-one mobile app, you can save time, streamline your processes, and improve communication across your institution.

Powerful Substitute Management App features for Teachers & Admins

Teachers Can:

Schedule Substitutes Anytime, Anywhere

Admins Can:

Schedule Employee Absences

View Upcoming & Past Absences

Generate Real-Time Absence Reports

Everything You Will Ever Need for Your School’s Substitute Management

Post substitute requests in seconds

Get notified when a sub accepts instantly

Track absences anytime day or night

Amazing Substitute Management App for Substitutes

Subs get notified about work opportunities instantly

Subs can view available jobs 24/7 without being tied to a computer

Magical features to streamline communications

Know which subs are available to work

View filled and unfilled jobs

Available for iOS & Android users

Teachers, Substitutes & Administrators can download the Subzz Mobile App from Google Play- store and iOS App-store.

Exciting Opportunity to Transform Your Institution through the Subzz Mobile App

Subzz Mobile App is an ideal solution for your institution to save time and improve your substitute management processes. In today’s connected world, give the best digital tool to your teachers, substitutes, principals and administrators. Enjoy the benefits of having a cutting-edge substitute management mobile app for your schools.

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