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Schedule Your Substitute Staff In Minutes

Substitute staff scheduling software for Healthcare

Take the hassle out of scheduling substitute medical staff with Subzz

Subzz is ideal for staff and physicians at medical offices, hospitals, home health services, medical centers and other medical care facilities.

Use Subzz for

Hospitals and clinics — Nursing homes — Long-term care — Acute care — Skilled nursing facilities — Assisted living — Rehab hospitals — Behavioral health


Faster, Easier Scheduling

This is substitute scheduling, simplified. Spend minutes, not hours, organizing substitute nurses and other medical staff.

Real-Time Analytics

Know which employees are absent, why they're off, and which subs have been assigned - all in real time.

Empower Staff and Substitutes

Employees can register absences online from desktop or mobile. Subs can tell you when they're available. See it all in real time on your Subzz dashboard.

Automatically Send Notifications

Subzz send substitutes email and text notifications whenever substitute opportunities are posted.

Goodbye Spreadsheets

Free yourself from paper, spreadsheets, and Google Docs. Manage leave requests and track substitutes in minutes from anywhere.

Save Time

Scheduling can be a time suck. Take the time it costs you from hours to minutes with Subzz.

How Subzz Can Help Medical Professionals

Working in healthcare already comes with plenty of pressure. Don’t add scheduling to the list! If you still reach for a pencil and paper, or a spreadsheet, to figure out your staffing needs, you’re throwing away time. Good news? You can get it back, easily.

Subzz provides a streamlined, structured and versatile way to organize your staffing. You save time, money and headaches all round. Subs love it, staff love it, and once you see hours of work turn to just minutes, you’re going to love it too.

Scheduling healthcare is incredibly complex, with shift patterns and working hours that differ by specialty and profession. Just one person off sick at the wrong time can keep you up on the phone all night, ringing round to find cover. It’s healthcare: someone’s got to be there.

Subzz means you can hang up - for good. Instead of being the problem, your employees and subs can help create the solution, using Subzz to report absences, cover shifts and flag availability. When you need a substitute for a shift you can arrange it from your Subzz dashboard in a few clicks.

Medical staff employee scheduling is a unique mixture of the systematic and the unpredictable: while some facilities focus exclusively on one type of medical care, others regularly deal with patient emergencies. Community outreach, care of the elderly and specialized clinics all have their own particular staffing and scheduling requirements. A tool that wasn’t flexible and adaptable could never address all those needs.

Subzz was created to fit the needs of any medical establishment - from a small specialized clinic to a hospital with thousands of staff. When you’re operating 24/7 with hundreds of staff on at any one time, your schedule has to be perfect. But getting there from a phone and a piece of paper is more than a full time job.

Subzz lets you automate or delegate the majority of the legwork involved, empowering your staff and substitute staff to organize minor changes themselves. When the process is automated, there’s no need to chase staff around on the phone or ring around for available substitutes.

And when that platform has an easy, intuitive interface and lives in the cloud, there’s nothing to install: no new hardware, software or training required.

Subzz puts real time data about staffing in a simple dashboard. And it won’t let you make a mistake. Shift not covered? Subzz lets you see your filled or unfilled absences. Ever worry about meeting the terms of the ACA? Subzz gives you control of the hours substitutes work.

When you want to look back on your scheduling and staffing data and plan for the future, Subzz is ready to help. See custom reports that tell you what you want to know,

without digging through files or pages of notes. Get absence and substitute data easily and conveniently.


– Faster, simpler scheduling
– View staff absences, schedule substitutes and see availability from one central dashboard
– Generate work schedules for various shift patterns including eight, 10, 12 and 24-hour fixed shift patterns, custom and overlapping shifts. Adapt Subzz scheduling to your needs easily and intuitively.
– Subzz lives in the cloud: secure and portable, there’s nothing to install.


– Automatically send substitutes notifications by SMS and email whenever a substitute opportunity is posted.
– View your schedule anywhere, on mobile or desktop.
– Let employees view schedule changes at any time, anywhere.
– Let employees and substitutes manage their own shifts and hours, and flag absences and availability.

Most medical scheduling managers abide by labor union rules when determining vacation assignments and working hours. These are usually based on predetermined scheduling parameters. Subzz can help streamline the whole process and automatically keep you compliant with regulations. Scheduling is easy, staff are satisfied and there’s little to no possibility for error, so patient care is enhanced too.


– Easily schedule substitutes for every rotation, specialty or shift pattern.
– Staff can view schedules wherever they are.
— Managers can oversee and control substitute fulfillment, vacations, and open shifts.
– SMS notifications makes scheduling fast and easy.


— Improves patient care by ensuring that adequate staff are always available.
– Gives staff and substitutes consideration in their shift preferences.
– Lets you reach any staff member within moments electronically, even if they are off-shift.

Subzz lets you manage your substitute staffing simply and easily, increasing staff and patient satisfaction and making your organization more adaptable to unexpected events.


Click here to find out more about what Subzz can do to save you from scheduling nightmares. Using Subzz could save you hours of time, and setting up the tool is easy and intuitive with no hardware costs or software installation. Ready to say goodbye to your spreadsheets?


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