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Automated Substitute Management Software: The Basics

substitute management system

As a staff in a school district, you know how difficult it can be to fill an absence.?? Trying to find a substitute teacher at the last minute is problematic, and often impossible. Calling around at seven in the morning and asking subs if they have availability is quite a chore. ??

It can be awkward to call your administrator to let them know that you will be absent for the day. Once you???re actually on the phone, you feel the need to demonstrate just how sick you are. ??And then you have to figure out who will cover your class; or maybe you feel guilty because your boss is tasked with that too.

For administrators, scrambling to fill classrooms with qualified substitutes is especially challenging. ??It takes you away from your other administrative duties, and puts you on the phone when you should be working on more pressing leadership endeavors. ??And how about keeping track of leave balances? No administrator has time for that mountain of paperwork.

All of these situations present problems for schools, but there is a much easier way to manage sick days, without phoning an administrator and cold calling subs. ??The answer to these situations: automated substitute management software.

What Is Automated Substitute Management Software?

Automated substitute management software is the solution to your substitute scheduling needs. Whether you are teaching faculty, an administrator, or the substitute, substitute management software simplifies the process of finding someone to cover the classroom for the day. ??It is a software program that allows teachers to input absences and automatically sends out a notice for substitutes to view and fill. No more leave forms or calling and scheduling substitutes. Everything is automated for ease of use.

Special Features of Automated Substitute Management Software

For Teachers

Get ready for substitute management software to greatly simplify your life with these special features that benefit all users. ??Teachers can schedule their absences, check on preferred substitutes??? availability, and even request the sub that they want. After the teacher???s absence is filled, they receive an automated response, confirming their sub. ??Teachers love automated substitute software because of all they can accomplish without making a single phone call.

For Administrators

Administrators love automated substitute management software just as much as teachers do. ??They can easily login to see the daily sub schedule, schedule replacement staff, and run detailed reports, including unfilled absence rates, from any electronic device. ??All of these processes are simplified and streamlined by being online in one place.

For Substitute

One of the worst parts about being a substitute is receiving those early morning, unexpected phone calls from administrators. ??With automated substitute management software, subs will be able to easily schedule their own working assignments, make their availability to administrators and teachers known, and track their timed work. ??All features are available at the touch of a button on your computer or smart phone.


Whether yours is a large school district with hundreds of employees or one small school with a staff of twelve, it is important to find a system that will work best for your needs. ??Invest wisely in substitute management software and your sub management will run like a well-oiled machine.

Introducing Subzz

Subzz is one of the top automated substitute management software programs available. ??In addition to the sub scheduling service and leave balance tracking and reporting, Subzz is an all-in-one comprehensive package that integrates with payroll, alleviating the headache of making sure your subs are paid on time. ??Investment in Subzz provides access to the mobile app, so everyone can have Subzz right at their fingertips, ready to go.

Not only is Subzz popular, but also the pricing is very reasonable. ??The cost for a single school starts at $100 a month and the price for an entire district begins at $125. ??It???s a steal for what it accomplishes in time saved for teachers and administrators. It???s difficult to put a dollar sign on eliminating the hassle of finding subs, but this is a deal that should not be ignored. ??Think of it as an investment in both organizing and keeping track of staffing needs.

Whether your school chooses Subzz, or another automated substitute management software, it is a giant step toward digitization and simplification. ??Technology has made life a bit easier, and while schools are often the last to integrate new tech, it doesn???t have to be this way when it comes to scheduling substitutes. ??Communicating entirely by phone is a thing of the past. Any teacher or substitute will agree: It is much easier and more efficient to answer an email or a text.

Staff will be excited by the convenience of substitute management software. ??Plus, with its straightforward interface, it could not be easier to use. Even those with the most basic tech skills will enjoy it after minimal how-to instruction. ??After a short time of scheduling substitutes, tracking absences, and completing payroll, you will wonder how you ever survived without it.

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Cut Time Spent Calling Subs In Half With Substitute Management Software

substitute management system

Is there a single administrator or secretary out there who doesn???t dread hearing the phone ring at 5 am on a Monday morning? ??It???s usually nothing serious???a minor illness of a staff member. But nevertheless it disrupts your sleep and starts your week off on a less-than-positive note. ??And then there???s the inevitable process that follows: call sub after sub, waking them too at 5 am, in hopes that they???ll be willing to drag themselves out of bed, last minute, to come teach a class. ??What if I told you there???s a way school districts can eliminate these calls entirely? It???s true: substitute automation through online substitute management software.

Read on to learn how to cut the time spent calling subs in half with substitute management software. ??

What is Substitute Management Software?

Substitute management software is an online management system where teachers can input absences, substitutes sign up for work, and administrators review and approve leave at their leisure. ??The software provides a track record of absences and accounts for leave in a 100% paperless fashion. It increases substitute fill rates and eliminates or considerably reduces the need to call substitutes for scheduling purposes. ??It empowers substitutes by putting them in charge of their own schedule, visible through the software???s schedule at a glance feature.

Long story short: substitute management software is a leading provider of returned time to administrators, teachers, and substitutes that was previously spent on the phone.

How Does It Work?

Everyone at school receives a login to the substitute scheduling software: teachers, substitutes, and administrators. ??When a teacher is sick or needs to take leave, he or she will login to the system and create an absence. Once the absence has been created, it will appear for available substitutes to fill through automated notifications. ??Substitutes no longer have to sit by the phone waiting for a call in order to book work. They can go about their lives, allowing notifications to arrive automatically and book work in seconds. Everyone already has a phone in their pocket or hand; substitute management software uses this advantage to reach subs on their devices automatically.

Is It Right For My School?

Automated substitute management software is perfect for any school that has a teacher sick leave policy, no matter how large or small the school. ??While administrators want teachers in their assigned classrooms every day, illnesses do occur, and they are unavoidable. If you struggle to keep up with substitute assignments during the peak sick weeks each winter, or having staff out for professional development proves too much for your substitute scheduling, then substitute scheduling software is right for you. ??Because it???s 24/7, there???s no need to sit by a phone or field calls and texts at all hours of the day and night. And subs are found to fill vacancies immediately???no more phone tag or missed calls. There???s no more wondering if a class is going to be covered and by whom.

How Substitute Management Software Improves The Lives of Administrators and Secretaries

No more phone calls. ??No looking up numbers, leaving messages, playing phone tag. ??These are behaviors of the past. Today???s administrators and secretaries need to spend their time working for students, not staffing issues. ??Substitutes can offer to fill jobs that work on their time schedule. That means administrators no longer need to worry about shuffling personnel around. ??The substitute keeps track when he or she is booked, only taking on new positions when their time allows.

Substitute management software also provides teachers and administrators with a paper-free record of absences and leave balances. ??No more thumbing through papers and adding up leave hours to determine a balance. This is how mistakes happen. And no teacher or administrator likes to hear those dreaded words: leave without pay. ??Don???t be caught in a situation where you???ve exceeded your sick or personal leave allowance but didn???t know it. ??Use this automated software to count and keep track of these important details so you don???t have to!

Lastly, substitute management software provides important insight into absence trends and substitute fill rates. ??Are your teachers historically absent on Fridays before major holidays? You might never notice this fact without the help of substitute scheduling software. ??Use this data point to motivate your teachers to reach attendance goals or modify absence behavior. Are certain dates harder to fill with substitutes than others? ??Incentivize higher attendance rates for your staff beforehand, to make your life easier.

Jump in on the substitute management software movement! ??Value that sleep time, educator, because you deserve it! Vow that this is the year that you???ll finally tackle the mess that is finding and organizing substitute teachers. ??Read more about Subzz and their substitute management software here.

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Should I Sub?: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Substitute Teaching

Teaching is difficult. Managing a classroom of any group of people is a big undertaking for any person. When you add the challenges of teaching, it???s truly amazing that substitutes do what they do SO well.

If you???re considering becoming a substitute teacher, you should consider all of the pros and cons. Substitute teaching has big benefits and notable drawbacks which need to be assessed before you make a commitment. We have laid out a few of the biggest pros and cons of substitute teaching below. We recommend speaking with teachers in your local district(s) to get more insight before you take the leap.

Pros and Cons of Substitute Teaching

Pro: You make your schedule

Substitute teaching is a great option if you have a flexible or part-time job, college course schedule, or freelance gig. It can supplement other income or works well if you???re the primary care parent and your children are school-aged. If you have a doctor???s appointment or a vacation, you don???t have to ask anyone???s permission to take time off ??? you call the shots.

Con: Subbing can be unstable

It???s also not super reliable income-wise because of the flexible nature of subbing. You may score a maternity leave and work every day for months and then go weeks or longer without a gig. You???re competing with other subs in your district of choice and the more available you allow yourself to be, the more work you???ll get. Substituting is almost-never full time.

Pro: You get to try lots of grade levels and subjects

Subs never have to be bored. You may teach any subject K-8 or K-12, depending on your knowledge level, background, and interest. Spending a week teaching kindergarten, high school physics, fourth grade, and Phys. Ed. might be overwhelming to some, but it ensures that you???re always on your toes.

Con: It can be difficult to plan ahead

On the other hand, being on your toes can be added pressure. Substitutes have to be flexible and ready to take on whatever job comes that day. If you???re not as comfortable with smaller children, kindergarten may be a big awakening for you. The same is true for older teens, specific subjects, or schools with a different ???way??? of doing things.

Pro: It???s a foot-in-the-door, if you???re looking for full-time

If you are a certified teacher looking to score a full-time teaching gig, subbing for a year is a great way to develop rapport,

Con: You???re sometimes seen as *just* a sub

It can be tough to prove yourself when people see you as a babysitter and not the talented, skilled teacher that you are. We like to see this as a chance to prove the cynics wrong.

Pro: The students are excited to switch things up

As kids, we always loved the substitute because he or she was a new face for the day and a chance to switch up the routine. You will often be welcomed with excited and curious faces.

Con: Sometimes, students see their teacher???s absence as a ???free??? day

Classroom behavior management is sometimes difficult for substitutes ??? especially those who are new ??? because students assume the sub won???t hold them accountable or that the material will be easier.

Pro: Your plans are usually laid out for you

All the fun of teaching without the rigor of planning your day? Count me in!

Con: You sometimes have to wing it

The trouble with following someone else???s plan is that sometimes the plans laid out were done in a rush, aren???t clear, or leave out details. It???s always good to establish rapport with the other teachers nearby to ask questions.

Pro: There is excellent software to manage your jobs

Substitutes in 2018 are lucky! District employees had to get on the phone late at night or early in the morning, dialing subs off of a list. Hoping that someone would be available for the upcoming school day. Now, there is software that manages teacher absences, substitute availability, and scheduling. You can learn more about substitute management software features here.

Con: Too many districts don???t have a substitute management software

Do you work for a district that still does things that OLD way? If so, you may want to gently suggest a substitute management platform to your district or school administrators. These advanced tools will automate the substitute hiring process for subs AND district staff so it???s a win-win for both parties. Have your administrators contact us ??? we???d love to chat about the benefits for their school.

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