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Subzz eliminates the headache and saves schools hours spent calling substitute teachers.

What is Subzz?

Subzz is a market leading substitute management system that helps schools save hours each week finding substitute teachers. Subzz allows you to see your substitute teachers’ real-time availability and then book them in seconds, without making a single call!


Why Subzz should be your substitute management software?

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“ Subzz positively and profoundly impacted how quickly we fill our absences, and has allowed us to spend less time scrambling to find substitutes for unfilled jobs.”

Kis Entor
Substitute Placement Manager
Teachers On Demand

Why schools use us

We save time. We have helped schools big and small to reduce the time it takes to find subs and fill jobs.

We streamline manual processes Subzz reduces frustrating paperwork and adminstrative work associated scheduling substitutes.

We work with schools and businesses like yours. Over the past few years, we’ve grown to work with substitute staffing companies, regional education services, daycares, elementary, middle, and high schools, public, private, and charter schools, and districts.

We know your problems. Our company was founded by k-12 educators who’ve done the work you’re doing.

We give great customer service. At Subzz, it’s all about the customer. We’d be nothing without our customers. They’re our best reason for waking up and doing this work each day.

If your goal is to fill teacher absences faster, reduce phone calls and emails, or cut your fill time by using automated substitute management software, you should contact us.

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