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We help schools get better at
filling teacher absences

From schools and staffing companies to districts and regional education services, Subzz helps staff of all sizes get better at delivering quality substitutes to classrooms faster.

A Better Online Substitute Management System

When Subzz started in 2014, online substitute management software was outdated, inconvenient, or just plain lacking. We turned slow, inefficient software into an innovative online substitute scheduling tool that customers and staff loved to use.

Skip forward to today. Online Substitute scheduling software is more important than ever before. It has the power to delight, or disappoint; to make - or break - a school.

And schools are adapting. They are being proactive, trying to create effortless, consistent, smooth experiences for students when teachers are absent. But the time-consuming phone calls, emails, or software these schools use are holding them back.

Subzz is here to change that, and help schools get better at filling substitute teaching jobs.


A school substitute system for small-to-midsize organizations

Subzz (pronounced subs) is an automated online substitute management system enabling schools to fill their teacher absences faster. Using automated text messaging and email notifications, our platform gets a hold of substitutes up to 800% faster than the old school substitute teacher calling system. Subzz simplifies finding and scheduling available substitutes to fill teacher absences. Subzz helps schools to fill absences without frustrating in-house staff calls or email tag, all from a web or mobile app.



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