About Us


The idea behind Subzz was conceived by its founder. He was tired of having to pick up the phone and call into an outdated phone system to report his absences while lying in bed during a brief illness. A school superintendent, he couldn’t believe schools did not have a way for employees to text in an absence or register absences via an app. Once well, he bought a domain and created a landing page to demonstrate the concept and get feedback from colleagues and other educators.

The automated substitute scheduling software idea quickly resonated and made perfect sense with the capability of today’s smart phones. He thought, if he could save a few minutes each morning by texting in his absence or registering it via an app, then more schools and districts could benefit from an affordable substitute management system. Working with staffing company operators and a small school district, he then created Subzz, a school substitute system that allows staff to register absences, requests substitutes, and track absence data via the internet or mobile device.

Subzz pioneered the school mobile absence management space in 2014 by being the first to offer online, mobile apps, and text messages on its substitute management software platform. Today 100s of schools use Subzz, including daycares, private, public, and charter schools. Starting at just $39/ month plus $1.50 per person, Subzz is the only company to offer simple yet powerful technology like mobile apps, text messaging, analytics, integrations and automations.



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